Land or road transport

Road transport is one of the most important methods of transportation in Iran and the world. This method is used to carry cargo and move passengers between different cities. Passenger transportation is done through passenger and freight terminals with the help of freight companies and intercity freight applications. Road transport differs from other modes of transport, such as air or sea, and is affected by a number of factors.

Road transport has been around since time immemorial and has a long history of ups and downs. The first road transport was done with the help of cattle and with carts and chariots. Over time, with the construction of advanced vehicles, road transport has developed and the road and related facilities have flourished. These days, transportation on the roads is done by car, bus and minibus, truck and van, and even bicycle. Usually, small and large cargo and cargo transportation between two destinations, which is done by road, is done with the help of freight companies. There are different types of roads these days and their traffic is carefully controlled. Road transport also requires documents that must be received before shipment. The nature of road freight transport is such that it largely depends on the road infrastructure, the distance between the origin and the destination, the weight and volume of the load and the type of load.

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