About Tash Ava

Considering the importance of the transportation industry in today’s world and its special place in trade, as well as the need for mutual cooperation of commercial, manufacturing and factory companies with domestic and international transportation companies, Tesh Ava Company with its growing performance in the field of road transportation (Transit, export, import and customs clearance procedures) and with years of experience in doing forward work to cooperate with factories, traders, commercial and transportation companies, with full awareness of the importance of this industry for managers to date and to maintain And helping the production cycle and leading it to general goals, has been active in the field of transportation and with the support of experienced and committed personnel, has established branches and agencies in different parts of the world (cities, ports and borders) and accepting responsibilities. Sangin, including taking care of the health of goods and shipments, as well as paying possible damages, has tried to take an effective step in this field.

The company is an official member of the union, a member of the FIATA convention and a member of the IRU .

Tash Ava Services

Container services from Iran to the Far East ports of the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

Container transportation from all over the world, especially the Far East and Europe to Iran.

Export and import of chemicals by Flexi Tank ISO Tanker.

Cargo by closed truck and groupage from all parts of Europe and Asia to Iran and vice versa.

Air transit of goods from all over the world to Iran and vice versa.

: Basic values

Providing optimal services to customers in order to serve Iran

Earn money and profitability of the company

Creating a healthy business environment

Interaction, cooperation and cooperation with employees to improve their living standards

 :Resalat Tash Ava

Serving Iran and manufacturing and trading companies

Complete honesty with customers

Immortality of participating in domestic and foreign forums with a good name

:Arman Tash Ava

Arman Tesh Ava Company, with its young and active team, is trying to become one of the five international transportation companies in Iran for the next 5 years and be known by a good name.

: Objectives

Obtaining reputable agencies of international freight transport companies in different countries and competitively competitive shipping prices in the commodity market

Training of experienced staff and equipping resources for more market share

Extensive and targeted advertising to attract new customers

: Tash Ava Policies

The general policies of the company, which is the governing policy that leads the organization to the ultimate goal of the company as defined, include micro and macro policies.

All pillars, managers and employees in a healthy environment to think about the main goal of the company and take action.

Provide information to each other and improve the quality of services.

Use creative and new ideas and plan for it.